PTOS or Kimia Proficiency Testing Online is a system provided by Department of Chemistry Malaysia for chemical testing laboratories who want to conduct Proficiency Testing. Our testing fields include water, environment, food, industry, microbiology and forensic analyses.

Why Use PTOS

This system provides an efficient way to view and buy Proficiency Test samples. Participant laboratories can view their result and compare their results with other laboratories. All results are submitted online.

How It Works

Each participant is provided with a set of samples together with instructions. Participants shall then carry out the tests using their usual methods of analyses and results submitted online using this system. Result is then published in the system and can be viewed online.


Jabatan Kimia Malaysia Proficiency Testing Provider (JKM PTP) is the only chemical Proficiency Testing (PT) provider in Malaysia since 2006 until now. In 2017, we are accredited under MS ISO/ IEC 17043 by Department of Standard Malaysia. We provide various PT schemes in the field of water, environment, food, industry, food microbiology, biotechnology and forensic fields.
We offer more than 40 PT schemes a year to hundreds of laboratories all over Malaysia and ASEAN countries.
We also support accurate measurements by certifying and providing Reference Materials (RM KIMIA) in accordance with ISO 17043:2016 (General requirements for the competence of reference material procedures)


KIMIA Proficiency Testing Online System (PTOS) is the first PT online system in Malaysia provided by Department of Chemistry Malaysia for testing laboratories who wish to participate in PT Programme.

Why Choose KIMIA PTOS?

  • Provides an efficient way to view and participate in PT programme.

  • Convenient to monitor the status of registration, payment and on-going PT scheme.

  • Easy shipment online tracking.

  • Easy result submission through the secure website

  • Easy to download the important documents related to PT scheme and PT report


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